Finding the best Residential Locksmiths

Finding the best Residential Locksmiths

In the contemporary era, the security of home cannot be underestimated, and yet it is difficult to attain it. It is difficult, but not impossible. Security of your residence should always be your first choice. There is no denying of the irreplaceable value that a strong locking mechanism has on maintaining the safety and security of your house – and by extension, your family and belongings. Thus, you should stay up to date with all the recent hi-tech developments in the field of locking mechanisms which will make your door locks unbreakable.

That is why making the right decision while choosing your residential locksmith is of the utmost importance. You need an expert residential locksmith in order to ensure that all potential security holes at your home are properly analyzed and tackled and all your locks are secured. This keeps your security infrastructure in a healthy state and gives you the peace of mind to rest easy.


Why you need a Residential Locksmith?

Below are some of the occasions when you require service of a residential locksmith:

  1. You are Locked out of your home

One of the most common situations that locksmiths respond to is where people have accidentally locked themselves out of their home and have no clue how to open the door. This mostly happens because of the urgency that people are in while leaving their house and they simply forget to pick their keys before walking out the door.

  1. You want to replace your existing locks

Sometimes situations arise where you want to replace your existing locks. For instance, you may not be feeling comfortable with a certain person who might have a key to your home and therefore you want to replace the locks. Likewise, you may be a realtor and your work require you to install new locks frequently. Or else you may be moving to a new house and want to change all of its old locks. Or perhaps your lock has just worn down and you want to renew it.

  1. You want to rekey your Residential Locks

This is also one of the most popular requests made by residents for locksmith services. There are many reasons for the rekeying of residential locks. One reason, and probably the most fundamental, is the security of the house. Sometimes when home keys are lost, it is much better to rekey your lock than to just have new keys created. Your house is not safe until lost keys are not with you. For example, it may get into the hands of a wrong person putting your house security at risk. Thus, it is best to have a complete lock rekey to be on a safe side.

What Services do Residential Locksmiths offer in Houston?

If you have lost your keys, need to replace a damaged key, need a spare set of keys, or are worried about the security of your house, a residential locksmith is your way out. Residential locksmiths offer a range of services in the Houston area and its nearby regions. Most residential locksmiths provide fast and convenient service to resolve your KEY problems. Below is the list of all the services provided by a locksmith at your home:

  • Cutting of any key
  • Making duplicate keys or Master of existing locks
  • Re-keying and Re-creating new keys for existing locks and deadbolts
  • Changing lock
  • Installation and repair of door and other locks used in your house including high-tech smart locks and top-security locks.
  • Door & Jam Reinforcement
  • Installation and repair of window latches or strong locking mechanism
  • Installation, replacement or repair of Mortise-Style Lockset
  • Emergency Lockout Service
  • Installation of Residential Access Control Systems
  • Installation and Repair of Safe and Vaults at your home or Changing of Safe combination
  • Security consultation services to assess and optimize the safety of your home
  • Replacement of Auto Keys

How to choose your Residential Locksmith in Houston?

Your door-locks are one of the biggest weapons for the security of your home. Therefore, before choosing a locksmith for your residence, it is necessary to check his or her credentials if he is professionally trained and holds expertise in providing the most advanced residential security solutions. Following are some of the most common certifications and approvals required for Residential Locksmiths in Houston:

  • Use of approved methods of installing, servicing, troubleshooting, diagnosing, repairing for locks.
  • License by the Texas Department of Public Safety / Private Security Bureau as a security contractor
  • Certified by the General Services Administration (GSA).

What is the Estimate locking cost for a Residential Locksmith in Houston?

Although residential locksmiths in Houston charge differently, here is a rough estimate of the service charges that they normally take:

  • Changing of Locks starts from 35 dollars
  • Rekeying of lock starts from 19 dollars
  • House Lockout starts from 35 dollars
  • Installation of Lock starts from 35 dollars
  • Repairing of Gate Lock starts from 35 dollars


It is residential locksmith’s job to look after locking apparatus of doors and windows at your home. This artisan works on replacing your existing locks, rekeying them, making new keys and many other tasks depending upon your requirement. Apart from these simple tasks, an expert locksmith also provides consultation services for making your home security even tighter and safer.

To sum, the importance of your home security cannot be undervalued. Hence, while selecting your residential locksmith in Houston, you should try to choose the most efficient, cost-effective, experienced and talented locksmith in the region. Specifically, in Houston area, where there are plenty of service contractors providing security system installation services, this choice should be based on research and thoughtfulness to get the security and peace of mind you richly deserve!